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That connects the chef directly to the customer.Enhance your customers experience & safety, simplify your allergen management and see your business stand out from the crowd.

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500k food hyper-sensitive people TrustDish
90% of reactions occur through miss communication TrustDish
Reduced Risk For Staff & Customers TrustDish
95% of kitchens suveyed have taken a chance
industry wide staff turnover rates are putting you at risk
food allergies are rising
irish hospitality is missing out on €4million / week by not catering for this population
Anaphalaxis is always catestrophic to the sufferer

Benefits For Hospitality

EHO REady TrustDish
Enhanced Customer Experience TrustDish
Reduced Risk For Staff & Customers TrustDish
Real-Time Allergen Information TrustDish
Increase Revenue And Connect With Thousands Of App Users TrustDish
Reduce Food Waste TrustDish
Avoid Product Liability Increases TrustDish
Protect Your Brand TrustDish
Rachel O'Reilly of TrustDish

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This App Will Change Lives

TrustDish, an allergen management system for people dining out, scooped an accolade at UCC’s annual Ignite Awards.

Shannen O’Reilly of TrustDish won the Bank of Ireland Investor Pathway Award.