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Are you tired of the fear, uncertainty, and inconvenience that comes with training your staff and making your kitchen or deli allergen aware and compliant. Tired of stressing about numbers on menus or updating allergen books and being ready to explain to your EHO why your menu isn’t allergen compliant when they spot check it.

Your more than  interested in Making dining out truly inclusive, your in the business of  inclusivity So why not accommodate and attract people with  food allergies or intolerances? There’s over 500,000 of them in ireland alone and they are a severely untapped growth potential. TrustDish is here to revolutionize your dining experience and ensure your safety and peace of mind and your customers.

Why TrustDish?

TrustDish is not just another food allergy app – it’s a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges faced by both customers and food service providers.  Were about to revolutionise the industry and become the gold standard in customer service. Were going to shake up the insurance market by providing actual proper, user friendly, industry specific, real time allergen management and communication.

Here’s Why You Should Choose TrustDish

  • User-Friendly customer facing Smartphone App: Our intuitive app allows the food hypersensitive customer to quickly and easily identify safe foods to eat by scanning QR codes on food menus. With TrustDish, your customers can dine out confidently, discreetly and with dignity without worrying about allergens.

  • Dynamic Real time  back office: the functionality of our back office is designed by chefs  to make  chefs and food handlers lives easier and protect them . Our back office gives control to the kitchen or deli.  Made with  last minute decisions, creative additions or a need to use up something in a special in mind, the TrustDish back office works with you and compliments creativity and the needs for a busy chaotic environment. OCR technology makes adding or setting up a new menu or dish To your menu easy and fool proof.

  • The direct communication from the customer to the tablets takes away the middle man and makes the communication simple and clear making your life easier and more professional image to your brand . NO MORE OVER AND BACK WITH FRONT OF HOUSE . The kitchen gets the allergen information sent directly to the back office tablet or phone. So For 2 touches on the screen the kitchen saves time, stress, waste, money and never have to deal with allergen miscommunication again from FOH

  • Real-Time Allergen Updates: Food service providers can easily update allergen information on their menus through our digital back office platform. This ensures that you always have access to accurate and up-to-date information about the foods you’re consuming. This literally takes seconds.

  • Peace of Mind for your customer: Whether you’re dining out with friends, family, or on your own, TrustDish provides peace of mind knowing that you can enjoy your meal safely and without any fear or embarrassment. Remember there are a minimum of  500,000 food hyper sensitive customers in ireland, and they never dine out alone some never dine out at all.

  • Lower Insurance Premiums: For food service providers, TrustDish can help protect you from hikes in your  insurance premiums by mitigating the risk of lawsuits related to food allergies and intolerances. Investing in TrustDish is not just about safety – it’s also about protecting your business.

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Don’t let a lack of understanding about food allergies or intolerances hold you back from catering for the 500,000 Irish food hypersensitive customers. Help them see that  enjoying dining out is not just possible but a reality.

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This App Will Change Lives

TrustDish, an allergen management system for people dining out, scooped an accolade at UCC’s annual Ignite Awards.

Shannen O’Reilly of TrustDish won the Bank of Ireland Investor Pathway Award.