Food Allergen

Management System

TrustDish is the complete digital allergen management solution, for both food businesses in hospitality and allergen sufferers alike.

We’ve spent over 12 months developing a user-friendly system for accurately communicating food allergens. Our goal is to keep you safe by providing an easy-to-use solution for allergen sufferers and food service providers.

TrustDish The App

What’s It All About?

Say goodbye to food allergy hassles. Our TrustDish app is a user-friendly smartphone app that empowers you to dine out without the embarrassment that people with food allergies often face when eating out.

The app easily identifies safe food options at TrustDish Members’ establishments and connects directly with the kitchen for ultimate control and peace of mind.

Who We Are


Our team brings together a unique combination of expertise in food service & hospitality along with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those living with food allergies.

We are dedicated to creating solutions that make it easier for food service providers to meet the needs of those with food allergies and other dietary restrictions.

Rachel’s Story 

Our daughter, sister and friend Rachel is the inspiration for TrustDish.

It is her severe peanut allergy that started us on this app journey. Rachel, currently working in HR, is actively involved in making TrustDish the most user-friendly, revolutionary allergen app.

Rachel will continue to share her journey as an allergy-sufferer as the business grows.

How TrustDish works

Makes You EHO Ready

With the TrustDish system, you are always inspection- ready for an EHO audit or any internal standard…

Peace Of Mind

By connecting the allergen customer directly to the kitchen, we remove FOH. Need we say anymore…

Cost Neutral

Armed with a complete, fully traced and documented allergen policy. Do not accept increases to your product liability.

Allergen Awareness

The TrustDish app can provide yous with valuable information about allergens in different foods and dishes.

Set Your Allergens

It allows you to set your dietary preferences and allergy information – for easy tracking.

What's In The Dish

Allows you to see what is in the dish and let’s the kitchen know your allergens too – win win!

TrustDish Features

User-friendly smartphone app

Convenient for carers & parents

Safer dining experience

Allergen information at glance

Connects directly to the kitchen


Increased food safety

Staff education

This App Will Change Lives

TrustDish, an allergen management system for people dining out, scooped an accolade at UCC’s annual Ignite Awards.

Shannen O’Reilly of TrustDish won the Bank of Ireland Investor Pathway Award.

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